About Eldon Fields Jr.


Welcome to my blog.  I thought I would start one and see where it might take me.  I plan to blog about the things in my life.

  • Family – I am a husband and a father to three lovely girls.  I have two grandchildren.  One grandson and one granddaughter.
  • I have three or four brothers depending on how you do math.  Two whole and two half brothers.  Do you round up before you add or after?
  • I attend Silverdale Baptist Church
  • I am a Quality Assurance Manager for BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.  You can view my LinkedIn profile here.
  • I live in Chattanooga, Tennesseeage
  • I enjoy NASCAR and have been to races in Bristol and Daytona
  • I like to dabble in photography
  • I try not to take things to seriously.  If I get the opportunity to laugh, I will seize it.

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